A Insurance/Financial Professional Can Help You:

  • Define your financial goals and assess your current situation.
  • Evaluate your risk tolerance.
  • Help invest in the product that best fits your needs.
  • Adjust the plan as your needs change.



If there was a quicker more efficient way to reach your financial goals, would you want to know about it?” The answer from my clients is always “Yes!” Unfortunately most people don’t take advantage of their most valuable asset; Time. By not taking advantage of our “time,” people are often forced to play catch up later in life. I help families and business owners make the best financial decisions available. I achieve this by building custom financial strategies for my clients. I analyze my clients’ cash flows, insurances, savings strategies, investment decisions and financial obligations and put them to work the most efficient way possible. I specialize in helping families and businesses make the right decisions the first time in order to save the headaches of remaking these important decisions later in life.

Mission at Apex Insurance & Financial Services help client's navigate their way through the complexities of an ever-changing financial world.  Our approach begins with listening to our clients' and helping them identify their financial goals. From there,  we help our clients' develop a complete strategy to meet these goals through innovative, integrated financial solutions. Every solution and recommendation includes our commitment to charting our clients' financial futures. APEX specializes in implementing financially integrated products, which achieve my client's goals while providing a tax avoidance philosophy.

We focus on two main areas: Wealth Management and Risk Management.

Our Wealth Management (WM), approach focuses on Accumulation -- Preservation and Distribution, based on sound financial principles, which eliminates guesswork. I use complex financial planning tools to minimize the risk to each dollar within our clients' savings/retirement fund. While utilizing several indexing ratchet methods and combining them to create the mathematically optimal nest-egg for each client. This ensures every client has a method of capturing gains from a market or markets suited to their specific needs.

Risk Management (RM), is the human activity which integrates recognition of risk, risk assessment, developing strategies to manage it and the mitigation of risk. The strategies include transferring the risk, avoiding the risk, reducing the negative effect of the risk.  Our Risk Management (RM) approach to our client's financial well-being, involves using the industry’s leading analytical tools. Using these complex sciences of RM, theory and correlation analysis, we limit the risk to our client’s with the use of structured insurance solutions.