For the past 24-years, Apex Insurance and Financial Services has specializes in helping the business owner navigate the way to retirement. Call 916-338-1345 today and let us complete a feasibility study  as to determining  whether a 412(e)(3) DB plan is the correct plan for your business and retirement needs.

What are 412(e)(3) defined benefit plans and why is everyone talking about them? It may surprise you to know that 412(e)(3) defined benefit plans have been around for over 50 years. Two factors that have contributed to the interest in 412(e)(3) plans are, the market risk associated with the stock market compared to an annuity contract with guaranteed minimum interest rates; and retirement is rapidly approaching for all the “baby boomers.”

Advantages of a 412-e-3 defined benefit plan:



  • Works well as a stand-alone DB plan, ideal for catch up:  Principal age 50 and older
  • Works well in conjunction with the company™s 401-k plan
  • Largest contributions amongst any Qualified Plan- presently up to $316,337 annually
  • Guaranteed benefits-- income and death benefit
  • Availability of Life Insurance with tax-deductible premiums

Adopting a 412(e)(3) DB plan is an important financial tool for retirement planning. It provides an opportunity to achieve retirement goals without stock market risk to the principal. Should you feel that the above advantage bullets are areas that need to be addressed within your business? Call and let a licensed representative stop by your office to collect the census data and other pertinent information. A retirement plan proposal will be prepared based upon YOUR objectives and funding goals.

The 412-e-3 offers the largest Tax-Deductible contribution  amongst qualified retirement plans, presently $316,337, all with GUARANTEES (click for PDF brochure).