Meet David Leeper.
David, a recently retired engineer, talks about shifting his mindset and his money from risk to safety for his retirement nest egg.

Chris Noth, star of Sex in the City and Law and Order  

Meet Louise Bridges
Louise, a self-employed healthcare consultant, explains how getting out of the stock market and into indexed annuities has brought her closer to her retirement goals.

In today’s volatile economy, it can be hard to feel balanced while riding the roller coaster stock market. A diversified retirement plan is essential, and indexed annuities can add balance, giving you some peace of mind—no matter what happens on Wall Street. As with other financial products, it’s important to understand the product and its benefits.

Anthony Andrews Star of The Shield, Law and Order and Blackish

Meet Mark Kogelman, who on a ski trip to Chllia, Chile, 5,232 miles away from home had a skiing accident that fractured his head, broke his back in 4 places, fracture his Cervical 1 and suffered a damaged artery to the brian. Health was first on his mind but the $100's of thousands of dollars in bills were also a concern . However, with IM-Global his cost to put his health back together were a $500 deductible and a $130 co-pay. Mark's health is back and his finances are in good shape too.

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