The small to large business owner makes more than a simple monetary investment in the successful venture: he/she also invests his/her time, energy and labor. As such, the successful business thrives with the life-blood of its owners. Your Business is probably your most valuable asset. You've spent years building it into a profitable enterprise. An unexpected death can cause severe problems. If your partner dies, you may find yourself in business with his/her heirs. If you die, your family may be working with your partners. In either case the business may not be able to replace the knowledge lost; it may cease to be profitable. If this happens, it may have to be liquidated. You can prepare for the problems which come with changes in ownership. Business continuation planning encompasses the BUY-SELL Agreement. This is the most overlooked business continuation tool, a tool that is so valuable to a business, that it may not survive without it. The BUY-SELL Agreement funded by Life Insurance, Trust Deed or a Sinking Fund, is designed to fit your company's structure.

In today's job market, the most frequently asked question is "What kind of benefits do you offer?" Benefits secure the employment of an asset to your business, which may otherwise go to your competition. We design these unique benefits to help retain that talented employee(s). CALL 916-338-1345 or EMAIL with inquiry.

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