NO Medical Exam,  No Home Office Specimen, NOOO Blood Draw.

  Our program is simple. We sell a Simplified Issue Whole Life Final Expense Policy.  Many other carriers limit you to just $20,000 of final expense benefit or offer up to $50,000 but its annual renewal term; meaning the premium increases every year or at best every 5 years.  Our application is only 1 page and contains 8 health questions.  We can insure just about anyone from age 0 to 85 if they are not; hospitalized, incarcerated, living in a care facility or terminally ill.  We have some of the most liberal underwriting guidelines available in the industry.  If you have had health history that has resulted in being declined by another life insurance carrier or due to your health history, your policy premiums have been rated to the point of a small car payment then this is the policy for you.

The Average Cost of a Funeral is $7,000-$9.000.  The Average Cost of Probate in CA is $19,000 (homeowners only).

  • No physical exam is required (insurance is based on answers to health questions on the application)
  • Coverage may begin immediately
  • Upon qualifying, you can receive up to $35,000 in tax-free benefits (increment 15k, 20k, 30k, 35K 50k)
  • Rates never increase and benefits never decrease for the life of the policy Average Policy 

Our average policy is $50/month. We can offer policies as low as $15/month depending on your needs.  Coverage is typically $15k with a range of up to $35,000.  When applying if your health history over the last 2 years has had no emergency visits or hospitalization stays the policy will be issued in standard form -- as applied for.   However, if an applicant has had major health issues in the past 2 years, they will receive a Return of Premium (ROP) death benefit.  WE can offer a graduated  Death benefit policy  for teh first 2 year if health challenged, or we can implament a ROP plan as below

  1. If the insures passes within the FIRST year of coverage, their premiums are returned plus 10% tax-free.
  2. If the insured passes within the 2nd year their premiums are returned plus 20% tax-free.
  3. After 24 months, the insured is fully covered to the policyholders chosen tax-free death benefit.
    If you still desire coverage for those final expenses, in need of affordable premiums,  coverage that will last as long as you are on God's green earth and are not fully discouraged nor frustrated from your past experiences of trying to obtaining that much desired family life protection plan.  Please call Apex Insurance and Financial Services at 916-338-1345.  We will work with you to determine the amount of coverage needed, an affordable budget wise premium and start your 8-question application today.   You can have your Final Expense life insurance family policy in place by the very next day.  Always here to help...